Oriental Carpets

Milton Cater Oriental Carpets

specialising in old and antique rugs     Since 1974
Oriental Carpets


We are a full service rug firm.alt


Washing - We have Experience! 

Trade learnt in Iran and technique polished over 36 years.

Yearly updates with our washers near Tehran. Tens of  Thousands of rugs washed, by hand.

No chemicals or shampoo/scrub machines. Only pure spring water used.

Cost is up to $30 per sq.metre with savings on larger pieces.


These two antique rugs being washed were a wedding present to the owner's grandmother in 1902!

antique rug washing

Wash your own rug.

See information here about washing your own oriental carpet.

Restoration, repairs.

The best specialist antique rug restoration wools used. Individually quoted prices.


Valuations, Appraisals, "Special find" Commissions.


The Rug Shop at 11 Byron St., Bangalow just 10 minutes from Byron Bay. Call us on 02 6687 2424



"Thankyou for a wonderful job. Certainly all my work will be going your way from now on." 
Anne Carter, Director, Flinders Gallery (Fine Art, Antique Prints & Oriental Rugs)