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Oriental Carpets


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Our repair and restoration market is Australia-wide and the restoration services are for old and antique Persian and other Oriental Rugs, Carpets, and Kelims. Our restoration services are limited to Australia only because receiving rugs from, and forwarding them to, destinations outside Australia may involve customs formalities and taxes.
Restoring old and antique rugs is a challenging and demanding job requiring great skills. Each restoration job has its own particular needs and complexities requiring diagnosis, restoration planning, and execution.

Steps We Take to Have Your Rug Restored --

1. Post your rug to us or, if it is too big or heavy ( over 20kgs), we shall arrange freight.

2. Repair Analysis Conducted and Restoration Cost Calculated: Upon receiving your rug, we thoroughly examine it to arrive at the cost of restoration. We then inform you about the required restoration services and the related cost and ask for your instructions. If you choose to have your rug returned to you un-restored, we immediately have it returned to you, insured, but the insurance and courier fees for this return trip are to be covered by you. This policy is in place mainly to screen out orders that are less than serious.

3. Restoration is carried out following payment by credit card, Money Order, or cheque.

4. Restored rug return posted and insured.

Testimonial "Thankyou for a wonderful job. Certainly all my work will be going your way from now on." Anne Carter, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Fine Art, Antique Prints & Oriental Rugs)

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